Thursday, October 6, 2016

A White Canvas is not Simple.

Mr. Salinger wrote The Catcher in the Rye to challenge its readers. To make them look harder, deeper and critically about what the story means. He wants us to challenge the text and our own selves, to connect in different layers to the story and Holden. Throughout the whole development of the story, we are introduced to Holden and who he is. However, do we actually get to know who he is? Holden is constantly lying, using foul language and muffing several thoughts into one thing. Holden admits to us readers several times that he is a liar, a pessimistic being and an idiot. However, he tends to act sometimes the opposite, which leaves us readers to decide if what he says is true, honest and real. If what happened is what actually happened.

Because of this, I decided to create "The Caulfield Gallery". A selection of photos carefully crafted and composed to show one of the stories most intriguing and critical symbols. The theory of the looking deeper than the surface; that things are different from when they are viewed from contrasting looks and positions. The images selected are meant to display this relationship of how looking genuinely into a picture, an experience, and a person change from far to up close.
Please look at the gallery fist, encounter it unbiased, and ready to absorb a new individual meaning of the story and perhaps even life. Then, read my individual interpretation of what the gallery means to me.

In essence, my understanding and interpretation of the story is one of many that are relevant. The sympathy developed toward Holden is tricky, we create empathy towards him and we feel for him. These emotions are what turn the character so controversial, one hard to understand and one easy to be fooled by.

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